Manufacturers Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing

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Capitalize on the thrill and commercial marketing power inherent in motorcycle drag racing. The Man Cup is the largest mortorcycle drag racing series in North America.

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By partnering with top manufacturers and sponsors in the industry, the contingency program offers a wide range of rewards for racers who use their products and meet certain performance requirements.

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Who we are

The Manufacturer's Cup is a National Motorcycle Drag Racing Series in the United States. It is one of the most popular motorcycle drag racing series in the country, and features some of the top riders and teams from across the country. The series was started in 2008 and has races throughout the year at different tracks across the US.

The Manufacturer's Cup features a wide range of classes, including Pro Ultra 4.60, Real Street, and V-Twin, among others. The series features some of the fastest motorcycles, where bikes can reach speeds of over 250 mph.

The Manufacturer's Cup has a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and safety, and has implemented rules and regulations to ensure the safety of riders and fans. Overall, The Manufacturer's Cup is a well-respected and established motorcycle drag racing series that offers fans an exciting and high-speed racing experience.

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Family members embrace as they enjoy drag racing.Drag bike in the water box doing a burnout.Drag racer stares intently towards the drag racing staging lanes.