Man Cup Showdown: The Titans of Racing and Their Quest for Glory

October 26, 2023
In a thrilling show of skill, speed, and adrenaline, the World Wide Technology Raceway recently witnessed the spectacle of the Schwartz Law Group Man Cup Full Throttle Fest race.

In a thrilling show of skill, speed, and adrenaline, the World Wide Technology Raceway recently witnessed the spectacle of the Schwartz Law Group Man Cup Full Throttle Fest race. This exceptional event recorded an unprecedented number of participants. It wasn’t just the seasoned Man Cup veterans taking the spotlight but also enthusiastic newcomers from the St. Louis area, bringing a fresh vigor to the competition.

With a backdrop of occasionally cool temperatures, the weather was a racer's dream: pristine for adrenaline-packed racing. The overwhelming sentiment from the participants was one of immense pleasure and satisfaction, making it evident that the event was a huge success.

However, every event has its unexpected moments. A late incident on the track pushed the event's conclusion into the wee hours of Sunday. Kudos to the dedicated WWTR staff, whose swift actions ensured that the race resumed without a hitch. Fortunately, no major injuries were reported, a testament to the safety measures in place.

Our gratitude is boundless, especially towards our sponsors who played a pivotal role in the event's success. A special nod to Ken Schwartz of the Schwartz Law Group, the title sponsor, whose unwavering support was instrumental.

Here's a rundown of the champions and the commendable runners up from the race:

  • MPS Racing Pro ET - Winner: Bob Moran; Runner Up: Jesse Baker
  • Fast by Gast Pro Mod - Winner: Blake Harvey
  • Robinson Industries Pro Open - Winner: Robert Giard
  • Pro Street - Winner: Josh Affholdo; Runner Up: Mike Kovacevici
  • Hollywood Drag Racing Pro Ultra 4.60 - Joint Winners: Mantez Thompson and Curtis Winston
  • Voodoo Custom Street ET - Winner: Ted Thompson; Runner Up: Stanley Russell
  • MTC Engineering Super Comp - Winner: Bradley Grothus; Runner Up: Scott Sheppeard
  • Schnitz Racing Top Gas - A unique turn as the remaining six competitors chose to equally split the purse.
  • Hard Times Parts and Services Ultra Sportsman - Winner: Ronnie Woodell Jr; Runner Up: Mantez Thompson Jr
  • V-Twin - Winner: Ted Thompson; Runner Up: Amir Brandey

In the leaderboard, Josie Brooks continues to dominate with her impressive lead in both Top Gas and Pro ET classes, seemingly poised to clinch the championship in both. Yet, Jesse Baker and Chad Otts are gearing up to challenge her supremacy in Pro ET and Top Gas respectively.

Mantez Thompson is widening the gap from Chad Otts, with Curtis Winston II and Brandon Elliott also in the race for the prestigious Pro Ultra 4.60 title.

In the Street ET class, Stanley Russell leads a fiercely competitive pack where the top five racers are separated by a mere 50 points.

In Super Comp, Santi Rodrigues Jr and Scott DeLong hold the lead, but they'll need to stay consistent to fend off contenders Mike Smith and Taylor Harper.

The Ultra Sportsman class sees Mantez Thompson Jr's 3-point lead potentially under siege by the likes of Stanley Russel, Ariel Carter-Cross, and Lindbergh Simmons, each within striking distance.

Meanwhile, in the V-Twin category, Scott DeLong must maintain his top-notch performance to keep challenger John Loney at bay.

Anticipation is already building for the penultimate race. The stakes are high, and it's anybody's game. The upcoming racers have the potential to be the next big titans of Man Cup racing history.

To all our racing fans, mark your calendars for the season's grand finale at the South Georgia Motorsport Park in Adel, GA, from November 17-19, 2023. Don't miss out; tickets are already on sale. Dive into the thrilling world of racing and be a part of history in the making!

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