Speed, Shifts, and Standings: A Tale of the Man Cup Race at Carolina Dragway

August 24, 2023
The Carolina Dragway's recent "Hooked on Speed" Man Cup race saw standout performances. The event, marked by exhilarating races and notable leaderboard shifts, promises an intense season ahead.

The revered Carolina Dragway, renowned for its illustrious racing heritage, recently became the battleground for the enthralling Man Cup "Hooked on Speed" race. As engines roared and the track heated, champions were anointed, solidifying their places in racing lore.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has shown unwavering support and patronage to the Man Cup series. Our sincere appreciation goes out to all the sponsors who believed in the potential of this event, ensuring it reaches the pinnacles of success. A special spotlight must shine on our title sponsors: 190Hookup.com and Robinson Industries. Your robust support and belief in the essence of the sport not only powered this race but also cemented its place as a significant event in the racing calendar.

To all the racers who brought their A-game, pushing limits and breaking barriers, your spirit, grit, and determination are what keep fans on the edge of their seats, and the racing world alive with excitement. Without your dedication and the heart-pounding thrill you bring to the track, "Hooked on Speed" would be just a slogan, not the living experience it has become.

MPS Racing Pro ET - In the MPS Racing Pro ET, Jesse Baker sped past competition, capturing the winner's title.

Robinson Industries Pro Open - Pro Open saw Terry Wynn dash to victory, reflecting the peak of his prowess

Hollywood Drag Racing Pro Ultra 4.60 - Mantez Thompson, with his latest win, climbed to the points lead in the Pro Ultra 4.60 class, a testament to his consistent performance and commitment.

Voodoo Custom Street ET - Javaunte Jones emerged as the undisputed champion in the Street ET class, showing impeccable control and speed.

MTC Engineering Super Comp - In the Super Comp class, Carson Fields streaked past rivals, etching his victory in the annals of the Man Cup.

Schnitz Racing Top Gas - Josie Brooks' exceptional day in the Top Gas category saw her both clinch the winner's title and secure the runner-up position, a truly extraordinary feat. Brooks, with her exemplary performances, holds a commanding points lead in both the Top Gas and Pro ET classes.

Hard Times Parts and Services Ultra Sportsman - Ben Knight showcased a splendid run in the Ultra Sportsman class, proving his mettle with a winning performance. Wardell Pinkney made waves too, finishing as runner-up, with a drive that was nothing short of impressive.

V-Twin - Scott DeLong's impeccable performance ensured his win in the V-Twin category, and he continues to maintain his lead in the points standings.

As the sun sets on one event, the horizon already holds promises of the next racing extravaganza. We're thrilled to announce the next stop on our journey: "Full Throttle Fest" at the iconic World Wide Technology Raceway. Scheduled from October 20-22, 2023, this promises to be yet another chapter in our storied legacy, and we can't wait to welcome you all there. For those who've witnessed the magic of the Man Cup firsthand, we know you wouldn't miss it for the world. And for those yet to experience it, we promise an event that will leave you hooked, not just on speed, but on the entire adrenaline-fueled world of drag racing. So, mark your calendars, gather your friends, and gear up for a racing experience that promises to be bigger, better, and faster. Here's to the future races, and to the unbreakable bond of racers, fans, and sponsors - the triumvirate that turns dreams into reality on the racetrack.

Until the engines roar again, here's to speed and the legends it creates!

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